About Us

The road to WJOL Friends Over Fifty started with a simple idea: We want to help. After a rough experience finding care for their ailing grandmother, hosts Ed Kerfin and Ross Novak made the decision to assist those in similar situations. Caring for loved ones is often accompanied by intense physical and emotional strain, and finding help should not add to that stress on the family. This desire to help led Ed and Ross to open Home Helpers, which ultimately led to the creation of Friends Over Fifty.

Friends Over Fifty began as a short, thirty-minute segment revolving around the various care-giving businesses in the Lockport-Joliet area. But WJOL and listeners wanted more, so Friends Over Fifty eventually expanded to forty-five minutes, and hour, two hours, and finally, the three hour show it is today. Senior care is still at the core of the program, but the extended time has allowed Ed and Ross to explore a wide variety of topics. Every Friday, Friends Over Fifty welcomes celebrity guests and fellow senior care advocates from the area. Some guests bring listeners to tears with their heartwarming tales while others bring listeners to tears with their uproarious comedy.

Despite the name, Friends Over Fifty is a show for everyone. Our goal is to reach out to anyone who needs a laugh or some inside tips on hotspots and helpful businesses in the area, not just the over-fifty demographic. So tune into WJOL every Friday from 10:00am to 1:00pm for a show that is both fun an informative, WJOL Friends Over Fifty!